A Healthy Relationship Starts With YOU



"The seatbelt sign is off, so be FREE to move about the cabin" ~Shavon Carter

Shavon is the founder of Walking In Wholeness, LLC where she serves as an advocate for healthy relationships, especially YOUR relationship with self. She is also the founder of Purposed Publishing Company, LLC where she helps first time authors publish their stories so their voices can be heard. She is the author of "Dear Ms. Wholeness," a transparent account of her healing journey after divorce. Shavon is also the author of "Living For Today: Inspirations For the Soul" to encourage those on the verge of giving up. She is a facilitator for REAL Women Rock, the non-profit organization that creates a safe space for women to do personal development work on themselves. Shavon is a native of Jacksonville, FL but currently resides in Bowie, MD. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from Florida A&M University with and a Master's degree in Business Administration from University of Phoenix - Northern Virginia campus.



"Coaching sessions with Ms. Carter have quite literally changed my life. The focus is on the client and digging deep to get to the root of whatever issue is presented. This is all done in an objective and non-judgmental manner. With Ms. Carter, you explore what is already beautiful and unique about you and while you tear down the negative, you simultaneously build up the positive. It's an amazing experience." ~A.B. 



Shavon Carter helps YOU Love, YOU Voice, and YOU Relate

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"A healthy relationship starts with YOU"